XEBEC International Patent Firm

XEBEC International Patent Firm

Scope of work

Xebec International Patent Firm supports all aspects of the creation, protection, and utilization
of intellectual property rights in Japan and overseas.


Our patent attorneys specializing in electrical, mechanical, chemical, and design/trademark fields can help you obtain strong rights based on their experience in numerous prosecutions, negotiations, and litigations.

Utilization of IP Rights

In situations involving the utilization of your intellectual property rights (including negotiations and litigations), our patent attorneys will use business thinking from your perspective and professional analytical thinking to develop and execute the best possible move for your business.

IP Due Diligence

Our patent attorneys will assist you in IP due diligence for M&A so that you will not be involved in troubles such as "the business you succeeded thinking it was protected by intellectual property rights was not within the scope of those rights" or "you were forced to suspend your business due to pursuit of infringement of intellectual property rights by other companies with respect to the business you succeeded".